Your spaceship is broken and the end is near. 

How far will you go inside this tentacle-filled cave? 


There's only one!

Space to change direction


SFX by Kenney

Have fun and feel free to leave a feedback!


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Voyage and Rush x86 23 MB

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I like this game the feeling trying to minimize the number of times I switch direction is pretty fun. the rotation of the ship and the particles and velocity seems to not 100% match not sure if it would feel better if they were all aligned

Hello there and congrats on your game! You're welcome to showcase your game to more people at our server:

Regarding your game, indeed the parallax background would be a good fit for this.  Also, i believe a soundtrack would really add to the game atmosphere!

But good job and keep the good work! Don't forget to play other games on the Jam and to help them out with feedback as well!


I really liked the palette, it will be nice to add a scrolling parallax background. Also, the pixels on the ship’s sprite are smaller than in the rest of the game. Sometimes it just might not look good. The mechanics of the game are simple and clear. Thumbs up.)


Thank you for the feedback!
I will redraw sprites to make it more consistent. Great idea about the BG too, thank you. 
The palette is called Temple Ruins and you can find it on Lospec.